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Hi! I'm graphic and UI/UX designer. I've been working on many different projects starting with classic branding and cater all the business needs for a successful and smooth running: i.e. logo and key visuals, branded documentation and representation materials, web site. I like challenging projects: i.e. boardgame designing and fixing the gameplay for better experience.

My special interest now is UX/UI design. User experience design is an opportunity to blend users' expectations with functionality and visual language. User-centered approach helps business to fulfil users' needs and gets more loyal and satisfied clients.

Today it is important to be multidisciplinary specialist: it lets me take part in multiple stages of design process. Working in a team and communicating with professionals from other fields helps to identify a design problem toward design solutions.

Please enjoy my works and feel free to ask for details.

e-mail: polly-spb@gmail.com
Skype: maramorochka
Phone: +7 921 337 1661 (GMT +4)


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